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biolich (short for thermonuclear suppository)

NARRATION (reason)


Lyrics for the 2004 promo :

"morals like frozen piss"

"stol vapre"

"Extensive Autumn Necrony" 

Thrice now but beyond numerating
The illusions of necrony hallucinated
Intoxified death dreams fulfill fixation
Narcotic born and breed time bomb sleeper agents
[deepset in brain depths]
The horseman, hope, is drowned in swamp-like glory
In the dirt paths he trode and turned to mud with his tears
The old mans last words still echo in my ears
"Flagrant autumn sunsets of decades past hide now, but not well, in the
shadows of twenty junes cast"
Inherited addictions to chemicals and tragedy
plow on until light,  as if blood, is splattered to all corners
killing all small nights that are the dark alleys and abortion clinics that
spared us this birthright